Diamond mesh folding screen window series

Diamond mesh screens are a kind of anti-theft screens. They are made of high-strength stainless steel wire manufactured by a heavy-duty precision loom, and the surface has been sprayed with a matt finish, which has anti-mosquito and anti-theft functions. On the other hand, it also embodies high-quality performance such as high strength, strong force, and impact resistance. It has many advantages such as anti-theft, insect-proof, beautiful and safe, and is deeply loved by consumers today. At the same time, it is also a folding screen window, which can be pushed and pulled inside the room, and the fresh air outside is unobstructed. While ventilating, it can also be protected from mosquitoes, which is a great choice for safety protection.

Products Details

Its diamond mesh folding screens isolate unsafe factors and adopt a humanized folding design. It has side pull and butt type for you to choose. It is simple, convenient, and very effective. It can be folded and closed as you like, and the area of ​​the screen can be changed at will. , Simple and generous, strong randomness, large opening space. The screen windows are high-definition and high-transparent, without any sense of obstruction, indoor light is natural and transparent, the diamond-shaped holes are fine and accurate, and the aluminum mesh is of high wear resistance and damage resistance. Built-in high-strength hardware locks, the occupants cannot be opened from the outside after being locked from the inside, and the anti-theft strength is level one.King Kong mesh folding screens are highly innovative and in line with human design. Its hardware accessories have been professionally developed and designed, and thick 304 stainless steel is used as the main material for forming matching. Screen window materials are independently developed and produced, distributed in a unified manner, and have a strict industrial chain of their own brand. Well-designed through mechanics, it is resistant to high pressure and does not deform, with excellent quality and toughness. When the switch is turned on, the center of gravity of the person does not move, the operation is simple and safe, and the operation is labor-saving and worry-free.

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