Heavy sliding door series-open and extend

This heavy-duty sliding door creates a quality life for you, provides a worry-free choice, and enjoys a quiet and convenient life. Founder frame design, simple and stylish personality, reasonable arrangement of specific frame data, strive to provide sufficient lighting space, let natural ambient light enter in a large amount, realize a spacious field of vision, reduce depression, and improve the overall clarity and brightness of the room environment. The visual effect is More stretch. Insulating glass sealing, tight rubber strip edge sealing, sound insulation and more heat insulation, achieving automotive-grade mute effect, effectively blocking outdoor noise intrusion, and providing residents with a better experience; the heat insulation effect is significant, and the room temperature is maintained at a suitable limit for the human body. , Reduce energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. The surface technology is durable and does not fade, and the advanced technology is used to effectively extend the service life of the aluminum profile. The matte texture is modern and simple, with a ceramic-like delicate texture. Combined with the large volume and weight of the sliding door, the slide rails embedded in the ground are specially customized to enhance the beauty of the home, facilitate cleaning and reduce the burden of housework.

Products Details

1. Provide a full view at a glance, push and pull left and right conveniently, to create an independent space; 2. The aluminum type material is hard and not easy to deform, high hardness refuses impact, beautiful and practical, neat, capable, restrained and heavy, improving the aesthetic level of the home, and catering to the new modern and simple style; 3. Good sealing performance, super quiet coefficient to isolate the outside noise, high standard thermal conductivity, excellent heat insulation effect; 4. After many push and pull tests, the safety factor is high. The brand provides multiple guarantees for quality design in all aspects. The sliding door is equipped with pulleys to prevent side-to-side swing and derailment; 5. The custom-made handle is clean and lubricated, has a suitable feel, and is not easy to pinch and easy to open and close.

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