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Enjoy life, enjoy the sun, and make the distance between home and the sky closer. Sunshine house is a decoration design widely sought after by the market recently. It has high requirements for floor space and construction conditions, but after completion, the effect is superior, and the living experience is greatly improved: with the breeze to bathe in the sun, the world is wide, fast and slow. . This sun room series provides you with tailor-made high-quality services to create the ultimate experience of an exclusive family.

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Professional engineering structural design custom aluminum material, high thickness to ensure solid quality, as the external structure of the house, effectively resist the attack of typhoon and other bad weather; the structural design is rigorous and standardized, and the profile safety factor is high. The multi-layer insulating glass is installed firmly and tightly, the material is excellent in high-end, heat insulation, wind and rain protection, to provide you with safety technology guarantee, and the quality service is impeccable. The filling and reinforcement adopts high-quality environmental protection glue and other accessories, which are brand-protected for health and safety. It does not contain harmful gases such as methyl alcohol. It has good weather resistance and UV resistance, and does not react with glass. It has stable performance, beautiful and durable. It also adopts professional heat insulation strips and sealing strips customized for the sun room. The sound insulation and heat preservation are all achieved to the extreme, providing you with a more superior living experience.1. Good customization, material start. The thick aluminum profile has a lightweight shape and the main bone wall thickness is 3.0mm. It is not only dedicated to improving the quality, but also taking into account the beautiful appearance. It adopts a variety of surface treatment processes. Meet a variety of decoration styles and customer needs; 2. The profile frame is thick and adopts a multi-cavity structure design, combined with double-layer sound insulation and heat insulation nylon strips, which can better weaken the external sound transmission and block noise interference; 3. High-quality accessories are not afraid of the test of wind and rain, do not age or weather, have excellent water tightness, and greatly increase the service life; 4. Multilayer insulating glass adopts active sound insulation and heat preservation technology to completely isolate the conduction of outdoor heat, which can not only ensure superior lighting performance, but also maintain the indoor temperature under comfortable conditions.

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